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A Wide Selection You’ll Love


Perfumes & Deodorants

Wholesale and retail sales of wide range of premium perfume products. Almost all the known brands are available at best price. Besides, many local manufactured perfumes are available at liquidation prices.


Bakhoors & Air Fresheners

Bakhoor/Muattar and Air fresheners are available at wholesale and retail price. all the leading brands including Afnan, Khadlaj, Amjaad, Swiss Arabian and Bait Al Bakhoor are in stock.


Oil Essence and Accessories

High quality perfume oils and essences are available. Our oils are manufactured by renowned factories in France/Italy that ensures high level quality.


Cosmetics and Personal Care

We supply all the leading cosmetic brands and personal care products. Also, gloves (vinyl, latex and nitrile), face masks and sanitizers are also available in various types and sizes.


Office Stationery

At Portland, we make it a point to keep in stock only the highest quality brands. All the leading stationery/office equipment brands are sold.


Packing Materials

All kind of packing materials are sold under the brand "Fineplast".

Customization of tapes, bags and cartons are available


Corporate Gifts

We provide innovative and creative gift ideas that make your customers loyal. All types of gifts and giveaways with custom logo are made.


Hotel/Hospital Linen

Portland Trading supplies all kind of linen ranges for the hotel/hospital industry that includes various towels, bed sheets, blankets, aprons, table clothes etc. 

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